EIT activity report for
1999/11/01 daily meeting

Planner: K.M. Schenk

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
1999/10/2912:1212:24     NW Compact, bright eruption
1999/10/2918:36  C2 8739  SW Small event, end of peak.
1999/10/2921:41       EIT BAKEOUT BEGINS
No images till Nov 2 00:00 UT
1999/10/30        EIT Instrument bakeout
1999/10/3018:00    CMENNE In C2, small faint event.
1999/10/3019:15    CME SW C2, bright LE burst, loop
structure (GOES C2 fl AR8739)
1999/10/31        EIT Instrument Bakeout
1999/10/3108:00    CME SE C2, partial HALO; PA 65-190 deg
(GOES C9 fl AR8749); no halo C3.
1999/10/3115:45    EPL SW C2, small faint eruption.
1999/10/3116:45    CME SE C2, defined jetting
1999/10/3120:00    CMENNE C2, very bright, fast, narrow
structure, East of N-Pole
1999/10/3121:30    CME E C2, defined jetting.
1999/10/3112:5501:55      SOHO-91 Sungrazing Comet in C3
Discovered by D. Biesecker
1999/11/01        EIT Instrument Bakeout
Cooldown begins at 15:00 UT

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