EIT activity report for
1999/10/04 daily meeting

Planner: J.S. Newmark

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
1999/10/0112:16     ENE Frenzied eruptions all day
1999/10/0114:54     ESE eruption
1999/10/0115:27     ENE eruption
1999/10/0116:51     ESE eruption
1999/10/0118:03    8714   brightening
1999/10/0119:49     ESE eruption
1999/10/0200:35    CMEENE eruption, CME?
1999/10/0201:49  C6  ESE bright loops
1999/10/0203:01     ENE bright spot, followed by
diffuse material erupting.
This is prototypical of what
we have been seeing the last
few days and calling eruptions.
1999/10/0206:42     ENE eruption
1999/10/0207:20     ESE small absorption, then bright spot.
1999/10/0208:41    8713EPL  filament activation, eruption
1999/10/0214:20     ESE small eruption?
1999/10/0217:2020:54 C3 EPLESE Beautiful EP, helical twist?
1999/10/0223:17    EPL SE Small eruptive
1999/10/0304:2504:39      Activation of part of the N
polar crown filament, W of CM
1999/10/0308:0009:14   EPL NP  
1999/10/0313:3016:38    ESE small jets, brightenings
1999/10/0315:4617:56 C3 8713EPL   
1999/10/0316:5117:37    ENE eruptions, brightenings
1999/10/0323:11    EPL  disk center, filament liftoff
1999/10/0406:29    8716CME  loop brightening, possible CME
1999/10/0407:43    EPL  on disk in NW

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