EIT activity report for
1999/09/14 daily meeting

Planner: F. Auchere

DateStartEndGOESAR OtherPADescription
1999/09/1306:2411:48   CME NE Slow evolution.
1999/09/1308:12      NE Only 1 image. Filament eruption ?
1999/09/1308:48  C5 8699    
1999/09/1312:0024:00     SE Prominence on the limb is sucked
up in the surrounding loops.
1999/09/1314:36    CME N Faint. Backsided.
1999/09/1316:2418:12 C2 8690   8693 and 8690 are connected by
very variable magnetic field
lines. Symmetric evolution of
the two ARs. Some kind of fila-
ment material is ejected but
seems to fall back. C2 flare in
AR8693 @17:00.
1999/09/1316:2418:12   8693   Same event as described above.
1999/09/1321:36  C2 8690    
1999/09/14        Quiescent prominence on West limb.
1999/09/1405:0011:48   CME NW 05:00 northern prominence starts
to erupt and grows into an arcade
over the limb.
06:00 opening of magneticfield.
07:13 post flare loops appear
from behind the limb.
07:19 eruptive prominece @304.
08:00 second prominence starts
to erupt, like sucked up by the CME.
1999/09/1407:25  C1 8693    
1999/09/1409:36  C2 XXXX    
1999/09/1411:12  C1 8690    

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