Comments: One year Anniversary of SOHO lost and still going strong

00:12 small CME from new AR 8606 in SE on limb

06:12 large CME from AR cluster (AR 8602) This region just came around on limb in NE

06:48 small flare from AR 8592 in NE (C6 in GOES)

09:00 filament running North-South at sick center is about to erupt (should be soon!)

12:48 filament begins to take off. 13:00 synoptic set caught liftoff in all 4 filters. large pretty acrcade forms

13:13 loops between NE AR cluster adn SE AR cluster developed a large "bridge" (very dense) (no emmision)

13:13 C3 flare from AR cluster (AR 8596 area) AR cluster in NE, very active all day. Many brightenings and changing loops.

18:00 long duration C5 flare from small AR in SW AR 8605

20:12 small flare from AR cluster (AR 8592) C3 flare in GOES