Comments: 00:48 flare from AR on limb in SW (previously AR 8588) GOES shows it as C9.5 flare (nice post flare arcade)

AR 8599 very active all morning

04:00 small CME from behind limb in NW

07:13 Larege flare from AR 8592 in NE. large CME associated with it. Emmision very visable from all direction. Large amount of particles to North region. Difference shows wave traveling on disk to backside.

Large amount of cosmic rayes in 07:25:31 image

Large arcade forms starting at 18:00

12:12 small CME from AR on SW limb (AR 8588)

12:12 prominence eruption off limb in SE

13:13 small flare from AR 8592 in NE (C3 in GOES)/post flare loops

17:00 2 new active region develop and open on disk in NW quad just above equator. Small loops form immediately afterwards (N13, W39)

Gap 18:18 - 19:48 due to CMS testing and screw up (Indeed a trying afternoon)

New region on SE limb very active AR 8696