Comments: Cluster of ARs 8592, 8594, 8596, 8597, 8598 in NE limb has been active all morning.

AR 8599 on limb in SE very active also (no major events though)

12:00 flare from cluster of ARs. Are just over limb 8594. BOES shows long duration C3 flare at this time. Nice post flare loops after.

14:24 fast jet from AR 8599 on limb in SE

15:12 small flare/cme from AR 8595 at central meridian just north of equator.

18:12 Another flare/cme from AR 8595

18:24 Big M1.5 flare from clust area (the same spot as M flare on 6/20 from AR8592 (large post flare loops incorporated across total cluster...cool!) FLARE SEEN IN 19:00 SYNOPTICS SET. ALL FILTERS.