Comments: Jetting activity and gurgles from AR cluster on limb in NE

01:13 flare from AR 8583 (the top of 3 AR in the SW quad) (S11, W58) (GOES shows C4 class) - long duration till 02:00

01:48 small CME from AR 8585 in North just west of central meridian with small wave associated; SW flow of wave

03:12 CME from behind NW limb

What was AR 8592 in NE is now developed into AR's cluster of 8592, 8594, 8596, 8597, 8598. This cluster has been abtive with small scale brightenings and flaring all day

15:12 small flare/CME with transient darkening to SW flow from AR 8585 in NW Quad.

16:30 LASCO saw small abounts of out flow from this

19:00 samll jet from AR 8583 on limb on SW