Comments 00:13 UT SW limb, small prominence eruption, post-CME loops

01:00-03:00 large rising loops from NW AR, possible CME there is a visible prominence dancing around

00:55 small prominces eruption, jet poof, from ! the AR at (S13, E56)

02:57 UR AR coming around NE limb, CME, at least ejection of material

06:13 UT (or before data gap) - CME from SW limb, same region as earlier.

07:33 - NW limb, bright jet, possible region of C-flare

11:10 UT NW limb - CME - C5 flare in GOES

AR 8589 developing over day

00:48 AR just one limb in SSW produces small flare with CME (large loops form after)

12:41 small CME from behind limb in SW

1649 CME from AR on limb in NE and from AR just over limb NW

18:27 jet from AR in NE just behind limb

20:01 nice flare from AR 8585 now at central meridian in north. GOES shows C7.5 flare at this time [this notation could be meant for the 21:46 entry].

21:46 large CME from behind limb in NW (blows out loops)