Comments: AR on SE limb, @ 12:36 UT small dimming, followed by brightening @ 13:25 + M1 flare @ 13:40 (peak) see small filament eruption + CME. In difference movie this CME produced nice WAVE!

20:24 UT small flare/CME from unnumbered region on disk in NE (N32, E23) (starts a little earlier, nice development throughout day)

21:24 multiple flare activity from AR 8569 in NW (N20, W41) first flare at 21:24 image. 2nd at 22:12 then large bright post flare looping takes place. (we might have missed one flare that may have been earlier than 21:24 due to LASCO C3 polarizer). Other large scale activity on W limb.

22:12 UT very defined brightening from East limb AR. In SW (S13,E46) (Isnt that SE?) May have been flare (small area of count saturatioin)