Comments: There is an earth-directed CME obove disk center on the central meridan at 01:36UT. A nice wave follows. Streamers are very bright in C2, so it does not appear very "halo-ish".

At 04:48UT a wave starts just east of region 8513, along with a very sizeable darkening that spans the lower eastern quadrant.

At 08:30 a prominence is dancing on the west limb, south of the equator, material is ejected off the limb.

The difference movie at 11:12UT shows a small CME off the SSW limb. There is a CME from behind the SE limb at 13:47UT.

A Moreton wave with a CME occurs above disk center at 18:00UT. It is just east of active region 8513. An arcade forms around 21:20UT.

The active region coming around in the SE shows active looping, jetting and "gurgling" all evening.