A CME comes from behind the limb at an extreme NE latitude. It comes from an un-numbered active region at 42 degrees north and 45 degrees east, starting at 00:12UT.

A small, loop-CME comes from region 8506 on the SW limb at 03:24UT.

A filament activates NE of region 8508 at 05:36UT. It erupts at 05:48UT. There is dimming over the north part of region 8508, beginning at 06:36UT. There are a lot of post-CME loops in this region from 08:48 to 09:00UT, along with a possible flare.

There is another filament/prominence eruption on the SE limb at about 14:00UT. An undistinguished CME goes off from 14:12 to 15:24UT.

The north part of region 8508 in not looking distinctly anemone- like.