1999-APR- 8

Comments: There are a lot of small, bright surges in region 8508. There are footpoint brightenings and transient darkenings in region 8507 from 00:24 to 00:48UT.

A faint CME is visible off the NE limb at 10:24UT. It is rising very slowly, it may be way behind the limb, or it may be post- CME loops.

A filament activates on the northern edge of region 8506 at 07:48UT. There is a CME with dimming on disk from 08:34 to 10:24UT. There is surging in region 8511 and to the south of that region.

A small flare and wave come from a non-descript region SE of region 8511 at 14:00UT. This is followed by dimming.

There is a lot of activity in region 8508, but nothing very dramatic. A filament activates and erupts to the SW of region 8504/8506 at 14:24UT.