1999-APR- 7


A mini-CME comes from the bright point to the NW of region 8508, at 02:48UT. It may be a response to the wave from region 8508. New loops are visible by 02:12UT.

There is a flaring arc on the north side of region 8506 at 03:48UT. It ends in a wave to the NNW and evolves over the next two hours. There is another flaring arc on the south side of region 8605 at 05:36UT. A wave is visible to the SSE.

A filament activates around the bright point near disk center at 12:24UT, there is dimming to the NE.

There is an event in region 8506 at 17:48Ut. Once again there is foreground motion to the NNW of the region.