1999-APR- 6

Comments: The filament in the NNE is elevated this morning. At 07:13UT there is a CME out of active region 8508 in the NE. Nice post flare loops/arcade start at 09:00UT.

There is a small CME out of region 8502 in the SW at 08:00UT. An un-numered region on disk in the SE exhibits darkening at 10:24UT. It looks like a reconnection with the filament channel just above it at 34 degrees south and 60 degrees east.

There is a lot of surging and jet activity from region 8508. A CME goes off at 07:13UT, it apparently extends to the area west of region 8502. A wave is visible at 08:00UT, along with dimming to the NNW.

There is loop brightening and dimming between non-descript regions at 19 degrees south and 33 degrees south, near the SE limb, from 14:00 to 17:24UT. The maximmum brightness occurs at 15:12UT.

A wave is visible NNW of region 8506 between 19:13 and 19:48UT. A CME comes from behind the SE limb at about 22:00UT. A wave is visible around a non-descript region at 20 degrees south, and 45 degrees east.