1999-APR- 3

Comments: The prominence in the NW is still elevated and twisting at 02:24UT. A reconnection occurs, some material is lost, but the majority is spread over the surface. An un-numbered active region just below the equator exhibits darkening at 06:22UT. There is a small CME from behind the limb in the west at 08:05UT. A CME comes from behind the limb in the SSW at 14:00UT. At the same time a jet comes from the active region on disk in the east, just below the equator. At 23:20UT a filament in the SE on the disk begins to erupt. At the same time there is a whopping M5 flare fron the active region in the east, just behind the limb. See the 23:20UT image in 195A.