1999-APR- 2

Comments: There is an arcing event from region 8502 going to the east at 00:24UT. A CME loop appears behind the NW limb, near region 8497 at 05:24UT.

There is a bright, compact mass on the NE limb (~70 degrees) at 08:12UT. A huge fan-like spray is seen in absorbtion at 08:24UT. It contines until 09:12UT.

There is a CME off the SW limb, starting at 12:12UT, with a speed of about 200 KM/S. There is really interesting prominence activity in the NW. At 15:24UT there is activity in region 8501 on disk center. This activity later produces a high, looping arcade, but does not seem to have a prior CME.

A tiny jet from the active region on the east limb continues all afternoon.