1999-APR- 1

Comments: There is a small, bright loop, along with a dark surge on the SE limb at 01:48UT. The dark surge is bright in 304A in the 01:19UT image. There is a small dimming ESE of region 8501 from 01:48 to 06:00UT.

A filament activates in the NW at 07:13UT. It is north of active region 8497, just inside the limb. Post-CME loops are forming by 08:36UT.

There is a CME behind the NE limb at 07:25UT. Dark surges come from the NE limb (at 65 degrees) at 13:48UT and again at 14:36UT. A sizeable CME comes from behind the east limb at about 15:00UT.

Small, impulsive, bright surges are visible just inside the east limb, north of the un-numbered region in the SE, at 20:47UT. There is a flare/wave in region 8502 at 22:24UT. There is a NE limb event from 18:36 to 20:00UT. Post-CME loops are visible on the disk.