Comments: At 01:36UT there is activity in the filament running from the NE to the NW. It ends in brightening and loop expansion in an un-numbered region at 25 degrees North,48 degrees West. The loops and brightening are visible from 05:53 to 08:18UT.

There is activity in the south polar crown filament from 05:12 to 06:47UT. It is confined to a narrow range centered around the central meridian, it looks as though it's headed toward the equator.

There is a dark sugre on the NW limb at 07:23UT, followed by a CME dimming off limb.

Another bright point exhibits brightening in a low lattitude hole at 04:36UT. It reaches a max at 06:59UT.

Active region 8498 has a bright ejection followed by dimming at 12:48UT. There is a jet from a large bright point in the SW at 14:24UT. There is dimming just to the NE of this region at 18:24UT.

There is eruptive dimming from a non-descriptive filament channel east of the large bright point mentioned above at 23:12UT.