There is a small event on the ESE limb at 08:24UT. A large event starts off the west limb at 00:48UT. There is another dimming in the same area at 09:00UT.

Activity begins in the filament channel SE of region 8494 at 13:13UT. An eruption/wave starts at or before 12:24UT. A large CME is visible in the SW in C2 starting at 15:54UT( i.e, that's when it clears the 2 solar radii occulter). Also there is a broad smear on the west edge of C2 field of view at 09:26UT.

There is dimming SW of region 8496 from 16:00 to 16:24UT, connected to another dimming from 15:00 to 16:48UT. The dimmings are possibly connected to the filament channel activity mentioned above.

There is a small high latitude NNW limb event at 22:24UT.