Comments: A fast CME starts behind the NW limb at 06:48UT, it might be from active region 8485. The 304A image at 07:18UT shows pieces of eruptive material. There is an eruptive, spikey event at 16:48UT. There is a lot of emerging flux from region 8496, a small region just west of the central meridian, between 00:00 and 06:48UT. A small wave comes from region 8495 in the SE between 18:48 and 19:36UT, it is on the disk. The northeast polar crown filament erupts between 18:48 and 19:13UT. There is an eruption/wave from the filament channel in the north near the central meridian. There is a small, low- latitude hole just to the NW of it between 20:24 and 22:37UT. General dimming on the west limb is visible in difference images at 22:37 and 23:12UT.