Comments: A fast loop CME comes from behind the NE limb at 03:12UT. This is the same location that was exhibiting post-CME loops previously. This event appears to start with a wave travelling across the pole, starting from the SW edge of the polar hole at 02:24UT.New post-CME loops start to form at 04:12UT.

A CME and wave comes from active region 8488 at approximately 08:00UT. There is a lot of activity along the filament channels to the SE and NW. Region 8485 shows a bright, twisted loop at 13:13UT. There is a possible M3 flare associated with the activity in 8488. There is a CME dimming off the limb at 13:36UT.

There is a small CME from an un-numbered active region in the SE from 11:00UT to 11:48UT. Another CME starts in the NW at 19:13UT in a region above 8485. A large, bright loop forms north of region 8485 at 21:48UT.