Comments: There is dimming along the filament channel in the NNE from 00:28UT to 01:48UT.

A CME goes off from the SW limb from 05:12 to 08:24UT. There is a bright feature at 07:25UT at about three solar radii above the limb. There is a great 304A image at 07:18UT.

A wave is visible SSW of region 8487 from 13:48 to 15:36UT. There is another wave WSW of region 8487 at 20:22UT. The wave peaks at 20:34UT.

A dark filament on the disk erupts at 22:24UT, the following wave begins by 23:12UT.

There is a lot of activity in region 8487 throughout the day, it looks like emerging flux.

There is a bright jet in region 8485, east of the central meridian, at 18:48UT.