1999-MAR- 9

Comments: The region on the North central meridian produced a very quick opening from late last night (~00:24UT), and showed nice darkening. This area started to decompose just as quickly, and was gone by 05:00UT.

GOES shows at C3 flare at 03:54UT. EIT does nt see the flare, but sees post-flare loops in region 8477 at 04:00UT.

There is a small CME from behind the WSW limb at 10:24UT. A broader CME is just starting at 11:12UT. Loops are visible off this limb from 14:00 to 16:30UT.

There is a CME behind the NE limb at 16:12UT. A large CME takes place in regions 8482/8484 at 18:36UT.