1999-MAR- 8

Comments: There is a C7 flare from 00:12UT to 00:24UT. CME dimming is visible off the SE limb starting at 00:48UT. An M2 flare goes off at 06:36UT, followed by dimming and a wave at 07:13UT. Narrow dimming off west-southwest limb starting at 11:48UT.

There is a smal wave from active region 8477 at 21:24UT. It is on disk in the southern hemisphere, west of the central meridian. Brightening and loops are visible.

Darkening is visible in an un-numbered active region that formed quickly. The region is in the north on the central meridian. It produces a flare or CME at about 00:24UT, then begins to decompose.