1999-MAR- 5

Comments: There is brightening on the SE limb at 01:34UT, along with a jet of cool material. A much larger eruption comes out of the same region at 05:25UT. There is a nice microspicule on the south pole at 05:11UT. The south polar crown filament erupts at about 09:58UT, it's spectacular! It's whiplike, with a helical twist. There is an EFR in the central SSW at 06:24UT. There is brightening followed by an eruption of dark material. A flare goes off from the SW limb (active region 8478) at 07:38UT, followed by a dark eruption. A jet takes off from a very small region on the SE limb at 07:03UT. A filament begins to lift off over the south polar region at 10:12UT. A small amount of material erupts, but the majority reconnects. It resembles a "cracked whip" as it breaks free. Active region 8478 continues to show flare activity.

There is a nice jet from the active region on the SE limb at
16:23UT.  A big flare goes off from active region 8477 at
19:11UT.  There is a small CME from region 8478, on the SW limb,
at 22:34UT.  At the same time there is another CME from the
active region on the SE limb. This region was producing jets earlier.