Comments: There is a CME from behind the NNW limb at 01:25UT. A nice eruptive prominence in seen at 01:18UT. The prominence formed over 24 hours.

At 05:36UT there is an eruptive prominence, followed by a CME, on the SE limb.

There is a probable CME on the west limb at about 06:12UT, again from mostly behind the limb.

At 09:12UT there is a small flare and small, bright loops from region 8470. There is a small flare, a probable CME, slow rising loops followed by a defininte post-CME arcade on the SW limb beginning at 10:48UT.

At 17:48UT there is a small flare, loop brightenings and possibly a CME in region 8470. There is small scale activity in active region 8471 at 20:24UT.