Comments: A large amount of filament activity from the large, elevated channel in the SW continues throughout the morning. There is a bright jet from active region 8409 at 07:13UT. A large, bright loop reconnection begins at 09:12UT.

A large filament eruption, along with a CME comes from the channel in the north-east hemisphere at 11:00UT. Activiyt with loop reconnections and jets can be seen in active regions 8408 and 8405 at 11:48UT.

From 12:00 to 14:00UT there are large loops, reconnections, and brightenings in regions 8404,8406, and 8408. At 20:00UT stronger reconnections can be seen in these south central active regions. There is a flare, or possibly a CME, in these regions at 23:24UT, followed by rising loops. The flare is a C1 in the GOES plot.