Comments: There are jets to the SW of region 8403 at 05:48,08:24,09:00, and 10:48UT. The brightest of these takes place at 05:48UT. There is a jet or CME to the NW of the NW limb at 09:24UT. Spray-like dimming can be seen above the jet, followed by dimming moving northward at 10:00UT. There is a lot of activity in regions 8405 and 8406, including a CME.

Dimming can be seen on the east-southeast limb starting at 09:00UT. It propagates very slowly until 10:36UT, it is mostly a backside event.

There is a small flare, followed by dimming, in region 8405 at 19:13UT. A small bright knot can be seen at 19:26UT. possibly a filament channel.

There is a CME from behind the NE limb starting at 17:36UT.