1998-DEC- 9

Comments: There are small loop brightenings in region 8405 at 02:200UT. There is an event in region 8403 starting at 02:00UT as well, really taking off west-northwestward at 02:36UT. There is a jet to the SE of this region at 03:48UT.

Loop brightening in region 8404 at 04:36UT. There is an event on the NW limb at 14:24UT. There is lots of loop expansion and expulsion on the NW limb in active region 8399.

There is a small dimming SW of region 8404, visible at 12:24UT. A CME takes place in the NW from 18:12 to 18:48UT. Flaring can be seen in region 8402/3 from 15:36 to 16:12UT. There is a small flare in 8403 starting at 17:34UT, with dimming to the NE. There is brightpoint brightening south of region 8403 at 18:36UT, followed by post-CME loops in region 8403 from 18:48 to 22:00UT. There is a nice filament approaching the NW limb.