1998-DEC- 7

Comments: Lots of low-level activity in region 8402, brightest event at 04:12UT.

There is an apparent CME from on or behind the NW limb from 03:24 to 05:00 UT.

There is a jet west of region 8402 from 06:24 to 06:36UT.

Small darkening wave spreading south-southwest from the developed region in the south from 04:36 to 06:24UT.

Streamer blowout in a high-latitude streamer in the NW from 12:24 to 12:48UT, and again later. Loops in region 8402/3 follow at about 15:00UT. There is continued growth in region 8404 near the loops.

There is a small loop flare in region 8405 at 22:00UT.