1998-DEC- 6

Comments: Jet-like eruption beginning at 02:48UT, from the NE of active region 8396, connected to a region over the north limb. There is an event on the east limb at the same time, with some darkening SSE of region 8403 as well (02:48 to 03:12UT).

CME from the east-northeast limb at 09:24UT. Bright jet or arch in that region at 10:36UT.

Lots of jet-like activity in regions 8402/3 as well as alot of loop growth in the south. There are foot-point brightenings in region 8402 at 23:48UT. NW limb event from 12:24 to 13:13UT. On disk foot-point looks like a dark fringe.