1998-DEC- 4

Comments: Transient loop in active region 8402 at 02:00UT. Bright loops off limb near region 8393 at 03:24UT. Small loop brightenings in region 8395 at 06:00UT.

Small ejection on the SE limb from 02:12 to 02:24UT. Faint eruption on the SW limb from 01:36 to 02:00UT.

Jets from active region 8402 at 12:36 and 14:36UT.

Possible filament eruption, or quick flare from developed region east of active region 8399 at 17:11UT. Quiets down at 18:12UT, and dissipates away.

Darkening from active region 8400 at 20:36UT, possibly a CME. Loops arcading from this area at 21:48UT.