Activated filament just inside NE limb from 06:00 to 07:26UT, between region 8395 and the following active region that is still over the limb. There is complimentary brightening in the west end of region 8395 at 06:36UT.

Bright plume loops on east-northeast ilmb at 08:36UT.

There is a rolling waveat approximately 50 degrees west, connecting small,regions in each hemishpere from 16:24 to 18:12UT. There are some signs of a CME off the west limb at 16:24UT.

Small CME-like loop blowout on east-northeast limb at 14:36UT. Small CME out of active region 8396 on NW limb at 14:24UT, possibly another backside event.

The image at 13:19UT shows a long, faint eruptive streak out of region 8396 on the NW limb.