Comments: CME off the SW limb from active regions 8383/4 from 00:08 to 00:29UT. Jet from behind the ENE limb (possibly from active region 8375) from 01:44 to 01:56UT. Small eruptive event in active region 8392 on the SE limb. Brightening in south polar crown filament at 03:27UT. Mini-CME from active region in the NE at 04:30UT.

X-flare from regions 8383/4 on southwest limb at 06:39UT. CME visible at 06:44UT. Jets on ENE limb from 08:03 to 08:24UT, 08:34 to 08:40UT, and 09:20 to 09:27UT. Loop brightening on SW limb(north of x-flare sight) at 10:09UT. Faint CME off the SE limb at 11:19UT. Mini-CME just SW of disk center at 10:40UT. Several loop brightenings in active region 8391.

Small loop on SW loop brightens, rises slightly at 16:16UT, then an x-flare (X2.5) at 16:23UT. CME in progress at the time. Weak jet on ENE limb at 14:24UT, brighter jet from 16:40 to 16:51UT. Faint bright front in the NE (way off limb), moving due north from 16:45 to 16:58UT. Lots of impulsive flashes traveling west to east along horizontal loops on N part of region 8391.

Jets in the ENE at 18:22,18:57,20:45,21:27, and 23:05UT. Jet-like eruption on the SW limb (region 8384), from 20:10 to 20:24UT. CME on SW limb from 22:16 to 22:39UT.