Comments: Feature on NE (off-limb) continues to evolve.

Lots of flares out of active region 8391 in the SE.

Small, eruptive emission feature from premonence on the ENE limb at 10:23UT. Rising loops in the same area from 11:05 to 11:47UT. Bright leading edge of loop visible in difference movies until 11:54UT. Southwest active region 8384 formed at approximately 11:05UT, is there a connection?

Another SW limb event, probably from behind the limb, occurs from 16:40 to 16:45UT.

Multiple jets off ENE limb from 19:56 to 20:03UT, and again at 20:45UT and 20:59UT. The latter one is bright and moving at over 360Km/S.