Possible CME, rising loops in the NW active region (8378) at 00:12UT. Jet on disk in the NW at 03:00UT.

Huge eruption on the NW limb at 04:59UT!

SE storm begins to hit at 06:51UT.

C-class flare at 08:50 from active region 8378.

Lots of filamentary activity in and around active region 8383. Filamentary rippling, or possible Moreton wave in the NW from approximately 21:20UT to 22:30UT. Difference movie of this event is great. Bright surge/jet SSE from region 8378 on NW limb at 22:57UT. CME dimming off limb visible in the NW near active region 8377 at 23:46UT.