1998-NOV- 8


Rather amazing loops on the SE limb before 06:00Ut, with evolution that probably corresponds to somebody's pre-conception of reconnection. Rising loop farther around the limb starting at 05:12UT.

Eruptive filament in the SW (active region 8379) from 06:36 to 06:48UT. Continual "thickening", some jets to the SW from region 8375 nearing the NW limb.

West limb CME at approximately 15:00UT. CME in SW active region 8379 at 10:48UT. M2 flare in NW active region (8375) at 17:12UT. More flares from this region at 22:54UT. Eruptive CME from regions 8377/8 at 23:24UT, followed by a flare. This flare is possibly an M1.