A number of small flares in active region 8364 from 00:12 to 01:31UT. CME in this region at 02:00UT, followed by large scale reconnections.

CME on, and behind the SE limb at 02:12UT.

Activity on the NE limb at 03:12UT. It is unclear whether it's a CME coming from behind the limb or still from active region 8369.

CME on the east limb at 06:48UT. There are large loops joining the active regions in the north and south that are moving outward. The moving loops proceed CME-like events in each active region.

There is a large filament in the south at 09:24UT. Loops surrounding the filament begin to grow.

CME in the NE, mostly behind the limb, from 18:24 to 18:48UT.

The active regions in the north and south on the east limb have large expaning and opening loops(13:13UT).