Comments: Large scale loops on the west limb appear to open up at 02:00UT. There is a possible CME behind the limb.

Interesting series of small brightenings and dimmings just east of active region 8367 at 03:24UT. Possible flux emergence.

Very bright filament like eruption on the SE limb at 01:13UT, followed by dark filament movement and rising loops.

Activity continues on the SE limb from 17:00 to 20:00UT.

CME on the east limb starting at 11:24UT. Seem in difference movie diff_195_b1. Faint bright loops at 11:36UT. Clear loops first seen at 11:48UT expand at 12:00UT.

Some dimming above the active region on the SW limb at 13:13UT.

Restructuring and brightening along the filament in the SE from 20:24 to 23:48UT.