Comments: Active region 8252 is now decayed. Region 8243/8251 is approaching the limb. Small brightening/micro-flare from a new active region, not yet named, at 08:35 UT. This region is on the limb in the SE. At 08:09 UT there is a CME from behind the limb in the NW, in the former 8244 region. The leading edge of active region 8249 shows darkening at 11:07 UT. An acrade/post-flare loops are visible in this same region at 13:57 UT. The loops are very high and bright. A fast CME came from behind the limbin the NE quadrant at 20:03 UT. The new active region in the SE shows sudden darkening at 23:03 Ut. It could be a Moreton wave.