Comments: First bright area seen on the SW limb at 06:04 UT. Eruptive prominence/CME at 06:04 UT fron behind the SW limb, associated with a C1 class, long duration event seen by GOES. Spectacular image at 07:19 in 304 ansgstroms is the image of the day! The filament near the disk center shows movement and oscillation. A large swirling loop has formed on the limb in the SSW, due to the filament. At 13:14 UT the filament at the South Meridian erupts and travels over the South pole. A CME comes from behind the east limb at 17:35 UT. The difference movie shows a possible relation between the CME and the filament/prominence event. Another swirling loop/limb prominence forms from the filament in the SSW. It erupts and travels South. The loop continues to swirl throughout the day, it somewhat resembles a tornado.