Comments: Field lines opening (or possible small CME's) on the west limb, beginning at 02:00 UT. Lots of activity in active region 8226. See movie 19980526_0527_fd_195_a.save (16:00(05/26) - 06:00(05/27)).

Large loop connecting bright north coronal hole boundary and active region 8227. Big CME on the west limb. See ems19980527_fd_195_a.save (00:00 - 11:00). A Moreton wave from the west limb CME starts at 14:00 UT. Post flare loops are visible over region 8226. These loops are connected to 8226 and to the SW active region. Seeems19980527_fd_195_b.save (08:00 - 17:00). Loop brightenings over the east limb. Flare at 13:07 in the southern region of 8226. Simultaneous brightening in the SWE active region. CME seen in C2 over the SE limb, EIT sees only moving of magnetic field lines. We see material flowing between 07:30 and 10:30 UT. Possible flare in the SW active region at 23:20 UT.