1998-MAY- 8

Comments: Flare from behind the limb in active region 8210 at 01:58 UT. Small dipole in the NE near the central meridian brightens at 07:40 UT, it could be a small CME. The long filament in the SE ends at 11:29 UT. Some activity is developing at the disk center begining at 11:29 UT. Brigthening loops and filament motion is visible. An open fieldline structure in active region 8210 is visible in 171 angstroms at 13:07 UT. Large CME from active region 8210 from 12:26 to 12:55 UT. There is a flare from the same region at 13:42 UT. There is a small CME from the SE limb at 17:00 UT, followed by another one between 21:00 and 23:00 UT.