1998-MAY- 7

Comments: Intense transient brightenings in active region 8214 from 03:07 to 06:52 UT. There is a long filament, almost on the center of the disk, on the SE limb. Small flare and CME from active region 8214 at 11:11 UT. Large loop system on the NE limb. Small active region with transient brightenings on the SE limb. See movie ems19980506_fdfr_195.save, frames 02:10 -12:36. Small bright region emerging slightly east of disk center, beginning at 12:12 UT. Intense transient brightenings and small flares in active region 8214. See movie: ems19980506_fdfr_195_c.save, 09:00 t0 23:08.