1998-MAY- 6

Comments: CME from the NE limb at 01:18 UT. Activity building up in active region 8210 from 04:54 to 08:10 UT. Flare at 08:10, followed by a proton event. Small flare in active region 9214 at 12:13 UT. Ejection from the NE limb between 03:20 and 03:55 UT. Restructuring of large scale magnetic field at the east limb from 01:00 to 03:00 UT. Post-flare loops on the limb at 13:29 UT, seen in 304 angstroms. Small dipole in the NE is no longer growing. Intense loop brightenings west of active region 8214 at 12:13 and 15:13 UT. Post-flare loops on the SW limb in active region 8210.