1998-MAY- 5

Comments: CME north of active region 8210 between 00:20 to 01:18 UT. Seen in movie ems19980505_fdfr_195_a.save:00:20 - 09:12. Continuously transient brightenings in active region 8214. At 09:42 UT material is ejected from this region during an elongated brightening. Possible CME to the left of active region 8210 at 08:25. (See movie ems19980505_fdfr_195_a2.save:03:06-13:31) Small bright region in the NE is gradually becoming bigger. Series of flares in active region 8214 fron 16:42 to 22:10 UT. Large flare in active region 8210 at 23:36, with a CME. Flare is followed by a perturbation hitting the highest loops west of active region 8214, and a possible halo at the NE limb at 01:18 UT. See movie ems19980505_0506_diff_195.save:20:25-03:20.