1998-APR- 4

Comments: A "cracking the whip" event occurs off the NE limb between 02:40 and 07:09 UT, south of the northern polar flare. May not be a true eruptive event. Flaring loop in active region 1894 (still behind the SE limb) at 02:40 UT. Post CME loops in the same area of the limb from 09:11 to 11:57 UT. Large, bright loop in the SE at 15:35 UT. Apparent eruption starting at 15:49 UT, just south of it. Faint, motion-blurred features stretch off-frame to the east at 16:08 UT; possible CME base. Spray-like eruption at 23:09 UT extends off the edge of the frame to the east at 23:22 UT. It is gone by 23:37 UT.