Comments: Enormous halo CME from the backside seen in LASCO at 03:00 UT. Halo can be seen in EIT's difference movie a few images later. Eruptive filament channel toward the North-Northwest, starting at approximately 03:46 UT. It lasts until at least 19:34 UT; possible a reconnection arcade in response to the halo event. CMEs are now following one another rapidly enough that it is difficult to distinguish coincidence from arguably global events. Disruption of the backside streamer structures is clearly visible in EIT (195 angstroms) starting at 03:02 UT. Extends all across the south limb, from about PA to PA 260. Starting at 01:00 UT there is a huge filament disturbance across 60 degrees, centered on the CM and about 60 degrees North.