Comments: CME from region 8139 at 08:10 UT(small ring darkening in Southwest part of 8139). Larger dimming to the North, and flare brightening at the southwest end of the region. Second northward pulse at 08:59 UT. Roughly simultaneous eruption on NW limb. Difference movie from 10:30 to 11:00 UT shows changes in active region loops on NE limb. 304 angstrom image at 13:15 UT shows what appears to be an eruptive emission there.

        Filing in of half-mandala of cool material with hotter
 on NE limb (16:51 to 17:51 UT) where CME will occur later.
        Wave-like event (east to west) along length of south
polar crown filament.  CME on NE limb starts at 19:52 UT, with 
low-lying flaming loop and a dark loop half-ejection. CME in active region 8135 starts at 21:05 UT, Moreton wave follows. Difference movie shows Moreton wave proceeding along NE/E limb.