Comments: Moreton wave event out of active regions 8131 and 8132 starting at 01:22 UT. Another larger event occurs in the east of 8131 at 02:29. (Easily seen in the difference movie). Another wave out of 8131 at 05:22 UT. Event in the southeast at 08:42 UT heads toward the extension of the south polar coronal hole. Filament on southeast limb begins to lift off at 18:40 UT. Transient dimming from active regions 8131 and 8132, and possibly a CME from that area at 19:05 UT. Prominence in southwest limb starts a slow rise at 20:34UT, lifts off at 00:15 UT. There could be a connection with the earlier liftoff in the southeast that traveled around the backside of the disk.